Stella Maris – Bright Star in the World of Beauty

Stella Maris cosmetics are a high-quality skin care, developed by the leading biochemical laboratories of Israel with the help of the latest innovative technologies. These cosmetic products contain only natural ingredients both for enhanced anti-aging effect and for nutrition and moisture. Creams and serums for the face and skin around the eyes, made on the basis of natural minerals, herbal extracts and essential oils, are able not only to take perfect care of your skin, filling it with energy, but also to turn back time, slowing down the aging process. Natural ingredients help to soothe and smooth the skin, normalize metabolism at the cellular level, help to smooth wrinkles, stabilize skin cells after a quick recovery.

Relying on high quality herbal and mineral extracts, perfecting them with the help of modern technologies, the developers of Stella Maris cosmetics created the latest formulas that actively stimulate the skin cells, promoting their recovery, and increase its elasticity, reducing wrinkles. In addition, anti-aging Stella Maris products are noted for “cumulative effect of rejuvenation”, when anti-aging agents start the regenerative processes, and the skin continues to recover long after using the cosmetics.

Stella Maris cosmetics excel in balanced combination of advances in biotechnology and traditional recipes, which are based on the use of medicinal plant extracts and essential oils. This symbiosis allows to create the most effective cosmetics, that have a positive effect on the skin of any type. Unique vegetable-mineral complexes serve as an excellent vehicle for other active ingredients, providing them with easy access to the skin cells. Therefore, various extracts, included in Stella Maris creams and serums, are much more effective. These cosmetics not only care for the skin and slow the aging process, but also solve many other problems.

Natural cosmetics, made in Israel, and have always been distinguished by exceptional quality and great demand. Stella Maris products are developed and manufactured exclusively in the territory of Israel in the most modern technological conditions with the help of the newest equipment. The production is closely monitored by the state at all stages, starting from the raw material to the testing of the finished product, which is a guarantee of the highest quality of Israeli Stella Maris cosmetics.

The developers of the company work closely with leading dermatologists and cosmetologists, moreover, Stella Maris cosmetic products undergo mandatory dermatological testing. The conclusions obtained from the tests indicate that the companyТs products are hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and environment friendly.

Daily use of Stella Maris cosmetics (Israel) is a great opportunity to treat facial skin safely and effectively, to maintain its beauty, youth and health for many years.